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Maryland 6, Virginia 4, Obama 4, Washington 4, Baltimore 3, Sandy 3, Woodrow Wilson 2, Brianne Carter 2, Jacqui Jeras 2, Linda Bell 2, Katrina 2, Tim Kaine 2, Us 2, Delta 1, Nevis 1, Romney 1, Adam Caskey 1, George Allen 1, Michelle 1, Jim Webb 1,
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    November 7, 2012
    4:30 - 5:00am EST  

is good morning -- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> this crowd at a victory rally. president obama has been reelected for another term. millions of his followers on facebook and twitter -- he sent that this photo of him hugging his wife michelle with the caption, four more years. >> let's get right to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> good morning. we have a storm that may bring us some wet weather. it will be light.
some snow fall -- moving in south and east of the metro area. along i-95 and eastward. overall it will be a breeze compared to what folks up north will be seen. 37 at dulles. relief for degrees in winchester. temperatures will be steady today -- blustery. winds gusting. no real accumulation here, but a bit to the north and east. baltimore -- more details on that. first, let's check on traffic. >> good morning to laminations capital. nice and quiet. -- our nation's capital. nice and quiet.
as we take a look at this camera, the twinkling lights, that is the woodrow wilson bridge. one sign without any trouble. across the american legion bridge -- the 270 spur and river road. roadwork on the beltway between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue -- a light volume at this hour. back to you. >> an answer to the biggest question this election season -- that is, will president obama or mitt romney lead for the next four years? >> voters reelected president obama for the next term. brianne carter has reaction from the president and romney. >> good morning. after a long and drawn-out campaign a long and drawn-out night of watching numbers come in. the battleground states -- after
nearly sweeping them, he said he was rehired and will be back here for four more years. >> thank you. >> president barack obama celebrates his return to washington to lead the country for four more years. >> we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> nearly sweeping battleground states including ohio and virginia he earned more than 300 electoral votes. he told americans he is more determined and inspired the to return to fix the economy and create more jobs. people gathered to celebrate outside the white house and in the streets of the nation's capital. in massachusetts, a more somber mood. mitt romney spoke to his
supporters. >> i.s.o. wish i would have been able to support you and lead in a different direction but your nation chose a different leader, so we join you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation. >> when we return -- we will have to see how things pan out. the landscape of capitol hill is nearly unchanged. the president is expected to be back here later this afternoon. brianne carter, abc 7 nevis. >> thank you so much. baburam virginia -- democrats have tim kaine is defeated -- battleground virginia. democrat tim kaine has defeated george allen. >> he spoke to supporters in richmond. >> our victory proves that is the number of people who stand with you not the number 0 is behind the czech that determines an election in the united
states of america. >> we honestly and vigorously advocate our principles and offered a clear vision. we sought to reinvigorate the spirit of our country. >> the former governor's fought for the seat of democratic senator jim webb. >> coverage continues in a few minutes with a live report on the results of controversial topics on maryland ballots. what voters decided when it comes to expanding gambling and legalizing same-sex marriage. >> here is linda bell, live that bloomberg headquarters. what will happen now? >> we are looking at stock futures -- they are indicating little changed now but it is worth noting that the obama victory four years ago caused the biggest plunge ever for the dow the day after an election. but since then the dow has
jumped 67%. obama as a victory in a 2008 -- right now we have indications the stock market will not move much of the opening bell. about to get hit hard by mother nature again -- the storm the various airlines have suspended flights to and from the new york area today. delta is projecting halted flights. other airlines are tracking the storm. this is as the airline industry is six -- recovering from 20,000 cancelled flights last week due to hurricane sandy. estimates show sandy may have destroyed more cars and hurricane katrina. -- a van hurricane katrina. that and more coming up in the next hour. linda bell. back to you. >> see you soon.
39 degrees in the nation's capital.
>> we are off to a cold start
this morning. >> temperature is a going to be pretty steady throughout much of the day. we are watching for the first snowflakes of the season later on this afternoon. adam caskey is on snowflake what. good morning. >> good morning. we are expecting snow flakes for the evening commute. the driving to work is just fine. you'll notice blustery conditions for the midday. the drive home -- a light rain, but mainly some light snow. road temperatures are between 37 and 41 degrees, not expecting much accumulation on the road. there -- it will not be heavy enough in the washington area. especially during the rush hour as more cars are driving, that keeps the road temperatures up.
closer to baltimore, a different story. heavier snow, and some accumulation on the roadways. grassy services, a little trace. that much possible later today. that is about it. still a one out of hand with this storm. look at the flags in the background close to the washington monument. normally this day -- time they would be limp but look how they are moving -- the wind is picking up. that coastal storm which is basically due east of the tidewater area is intensifying and we will continue to see those winds increase through the day. high temperatures in the lower 40's, that is the best we can do today. a little light rain and even some light snow later this evening for the drive home -- drive home. a few slick spot close to
baltimore is where we will have accumulating snow. any issues on the road? >> we are standing down. no major issues. in fact, moving the camera are rounds near the monument -- we had towards the nation's capital on the 14th street bridge. the woodrow wilson bridge in the distance. overnight construction in the tysons area. they're starting to wrap that up. the maryland ballet had roadwork, in the process of clearing that. inner loop, toward college park the right side is blocks toward new hampshire avenue, but still light volume. if only the entire rush-hour could look like this. >> election coverage continues
-- new yorkers could find out their vote. all they had to do was checked out the skyline. for the first time in 81 years the empire state building partnered with cnn to broadcast results from the top of its power. -- tower. the used and eliminated meter as four sides of the tower live in a red, white and blue to show the total. once obama was determined the winner the tower all lit up in blue. >> a real easy way to tell what was going on. all three controversial measures on maryland's ballot -- >> joining us live at national harbour. >> maryland voters have decided -- you could call it a clean sweep with these measures. a majority of maryland voters
chose question 6 and 7 com but they were very close. the measures were very close the entire night. opponents of same-sex marriage collected nearly three times the signatures needed in a petition early this year to put this referendum on the ballot, but it won with a slight margin. the associated press reported sick -- 52%. it means same-sex marriages can start happening starting january 1. question 7, the celebration ran late here. it included fireworks. maryland will get a new casino. all indications point to a mg mm grand casino here in 2016 and the addition of table games state why starting next year. >> the money goes toward education, helping to build.
toward health care and jobs and jobs and jobs. [applause] >> the measure that really was not as close -- question 4, the dream act that won a landslide. that means that now children of undocumented workers can pay in state tuition and go to college. reporting live john gonzalez. >> the election may for a busy night for our partners at politico. >> you nailed it last night -- you said one of the key things to watch was in virginia, talking about prince william county and loudoun county. >> these counties were not even
close. a big difference. president obama won them both big. a blue night in the presidential race. it took the romney campaign by surprise. they knew they were in trouble in the midwest, in wisconsin they did not know they would lose ohio. virginia -- one of the building blocks of the romney plan disappeared out from under them. they just did not see that coming. the only swing state a one is north carolina. it is a wipe out -- no two weighs about 8. >> mitt romney had the concession -- what happens next for him? does he have a political career after this? >> no. one of the suns may run for governor of utah.
the republican party will move on. nobody is heating mitt romney's advice about where the party should go. there is a lot of bitterness about setbacks with hispanics and these huge gender gap for president obama. that is one of the fascinating things you see -- a huge gender gap. the obama coalition really held together and got big turnout. we did not think we could see 2008 again, but we saw a wonderful numbers. >> is it too early to play monday morning quarterback and see where republicans could have done different? >> a big mistake to go so far right, huge mistake to be against the auto bailout. in ohio, the exit polls showed it was very popular. surprising factor -- sandy. 41% of people said the way the president handled the superstar was important to them.
the commander in chief moment we talked about really did pay off for them. >> 11th-hour -- a complete unknown. >> air force one is not coming back until 3:00 our time. speaker boehner about the same time -- he is the last standing republican to come out and say -- he said this is a mandate for common ground. he said their approach to protecting the middle-class -- those battle lines are out. >> look forward to talking to you in the next hour and finding out more about how president obama can make the future brighter based on lessons of the last term. see you then.
>> a bit of an impromptu party by the white house following president obama as wayne. >> tom roussey has more. >> as soon as the news broke that barack obama was the projected winner of the election falk started streaming down here to the white house. it was a very jubilant crowd, as you can see, that came out. the crowd was small at first but
it grew very fast. it went into the hundreds and then thousands and then over 10,000 by the time all was said and done. d.c. is a very democratic place in a lot of people live very happy about the result of the election. it was a gigantic crowds that came out at the white house. it was a jubilant crowd -- folks going by in cars, hanging at the windows, the roof of vehicles. a jubilant group -- mood in d.c. they celebrated at the white house four years earlier. this time the crowd was much bigger than that time. >> quite a celebration. > as we had to break mar election results from the district.
good morning. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. a chilly start this morning. a little moisture out there in that coastal system making its
way toward the shore. rain across the bay and the eastern shore. it is all rain at least for right now. mostly the eastern counties will be impacted. cloudiness all across the region. there is the leading edge of the rain. as we take a look now read what we can expect in terms of the advisory's, r winter weather advisory in effect for northeastern maryland. mainly accumulating in grassy areas. roadways will be fine. heavier storm in philadelphia. they could get three to 5 inches of snow. forecast today is cloudy and breezy, light rain turning into snow later tonight with steady temperatures in the upper 30's to lower 40's. >> it is great moving along the
entire area. tysons construction is wrapping up on schedule. no problems in our nation's capital. this is pennsylvania avenue. 14th street -- new york ave. the beltway, overnight construction between 193 vs boulevard and new hampshire avenue is wrapping up with no delays. >> thanks. 38 degrees. >> we are back with more .